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Our style

Work with us and you will see we are little different from some language schools. We are a small and cosy school and we like to think it is a great place to work.

With our team of our teachers and admin staff, everyone gets on very well and the atmosphere is friendly, instead of impersonal.

We prefer to hire teachers who have their CELTA qualification, or its equivalent. This is because your qualification shows us you are serious about teaching. Also, because we are accredited by the British Council, this is the minimum level we look for.

How much experience do I need?

While experience is important, we also know that teachers have to start somewhere. So long as you have your teaching qualification, we are happy to give you a chance.

What do we look for in a new teacher?

If you don’t have years of experience, an open attitude about learning is the next best thing. We all make mistakes, and this is part of the learning process. That is the same if you are a student or a teacher. We like to give new teachers a chance to grow and see what a classroom is really like.

In addition, we give regular teacher training sessions to all teachers. We do class observations and give detailed feedback so that everyone can continually learn. Don’t worry – though observation might sound scary, they are actually just a way for everyone to improve their skills.

Finally, passion for teaching is really important, no matter how much experience you have. So, if you are eager and interested in developing your skills, we would really like to meet you.

In summary

So, if you have lots of experience, or if you are just starting out, please send us your CV.  Either way, we will take the time to read about you. If you work with us, we promise that you will have a very rewarding time!